Fun things to do in Murcia

Published July 31 2023

Here you will find entertaining activities all throughout Murcia that you can do with the little ones during your visit! 

Terra Natura

Many different species from all around the world, the most fun family day out with the kids! From friendly lemurs to incredible rinos, lions, leopards and bears - the zoo holds lots of animals to entertain the little ones.

Get your tickets online for an easier booking process and don’t miss out on this fun and family-friendly opportunity!

Aqua Natura

A wonderful water park to spend an amazing day out with your kids! It’s located in the outskirts of Murcia, not that far away from the centre. There are many different activities designed especially for the little ones, such as: Pool for those under 3 years old where they can learn to swim and enjoy a refreshing time, the Fun Cube zone with different waterfalls and baby friendly slides, Splash Park for a nice kids’ area full of waterfalls and waterguns! Find out all these wonderful rides and some others thought for the adults and bigger kids in Aqua Natura.

Get your tickets online for an easier booking process and don’t miss out on this fun and family-friendly opportunity!

Peke Park

A fun amusement park especially designed for the smaller children – perfect for a family day out in Murcia! There’s an exciting quad field where your kids will have the chance to learn how to drive safely and, most importantly, having fun! Also, Gyrus is an attraction for those that want an adventure, a ride that spins and swings you around fast. The Barredora, an inflatable platform with several float stick that swing around – jump quickly to avoid them! Another inflatable world, with colourful and fun games and trampolines for the kids. There’s also a karting field, a mini golf, more trampolines and many more games and attractions – children will have the best time!

Park of Tentegorra

Located in Cartagena, this park is a wonderful place for a nice entertaining time with the kids. The area is huge, so there’s space for lots of fun activities outdoors such as: a maze where your family and kids can dive into and see who gets out faster; three different pools with slides for a refreshing time; a paintball laser field for a more exciting game without hurting yourself as the weapons are all laser-based; and a zip-line area for kids of all ages and adults will for an exhilarating time in the forest!

Last updated: 31st of July, 2023.