Fun Guide of things to do in Madrid

Published May 23 2023

Here you will find an entertaining guide all throughout Madrid with different places, landmarks and activities you can do with the little ones during your visit! 

Museum of Illusions

Famous all around the world, this interactive museum is meant to create magical memories for families and kids! Experience how you can grow or shrink by just walking to one end of the room to the other in the Ames Room. Get duplicated and see lots of different yous in the Infinity Room. Experience impossible things such as balls rolling upwards or water flowing uphill in the Anti-Gravity Room.

These and many more rooms each with incredible and fascinating illusions for you and your children to experience - a wonderful low-cost activity to do during Madrid trip! The tickets are 14€ for adults and 10€ for kids, free if they are under 3 years old. 

Parque del Retiro & Teatro de títeres

The puppet-show is always a big hit with the little ones and completely free! The park offers a wide space for the kids to run around and enjoy some nature within the city, with play zone areas, bright green grass for some family picnic and a beautiful lake. But our favourite family-friendly activity inside El Retiro is the puppet-show that is held on the weekends and holidays, where incredible artists put together a theatre performance for the children and they always love it.

Sweet Space

An interactive adventure for kids of all ages and adults as well! This museum is definitely not your typical one, but a place where children can let their imagination run free and explore many different rooms inspired by the space and all kinds of world possibilities, making it a really entertaining and innovative experience. We recommend this activity for an affordable family time during your Madrid visit: a ticket is 18€, but the family pack will only be 50€ for 2 adults and 2 kids.  

Plaza Mayor

The square gets filled with street artists and stands with handmade jewellery! Let your kids take a picture with Big Spiderman while he makes fun of his prominent belly laughing with your children or admire the incredible customs and detailed painting of street artists. A way for the entire family to enjoy this famous plaza and soak in some of the fun culture from the city - the perfect lowcost activity! 


Arcade games, 4D cinema, Laser Tag, Bowling, you want to have some endless fun with the little ones? This amusement center has incredible entertaining opportunities and many different activities for both parents and kids. You can also book an escape room experience, big playground area with slides and climbing walls and a tasty ice-cream shop. 

Museo del ratoncito pérez

A museum dedicated to the tooth fairy, where you can visit its house, its famous tale and more. A great way to include the little ones in the cultural experience that is Madrid. The entrance ticket is only 5€ and free if your kids are under 2 - a wonderful affordable activity to do as a family!

Travel 4 baby top tip: book the visit online before as there’s a limited capacity.

Teleférico (Cable Car)

See the capital of Spain from a completely new perspective! Kids are always amazed by the astonishing view from the cable car - and parents as well. And the view doesn’t stop once you get out of the vehicle, as the stop brings you a nice side of nature with a panoramic view of Madrid. Getting in will be 4.50€ for adults, 4€ for kids from 4 to 12 and free for those under 4 years old. 

Matadero Madrid

From new-borns and toddlers to 3-7 and bigger kids, this public house is meant to entertain the little ones! An entertaining musical workshop for babies, all kinds of exhibitions for the bigger children and the entire family, a kid-friendly cinema and more. This establishment holds a wide variety of activities throughout the year gathering many families to learn and have fun with their kids. It depends on the activity and workshop, but the price can go from 0 to about 20€ (for the entire family) - we love lowcost activities in the city! 

Walk to Madrid Amusement Park

Planning to go to Madrid’s amusement park? We recommend to make it a whole day activity and take a nice stroll from the centre to the outskirts of the city, where the park is located. You will get to see important landmarks such as Plaza de España or Madrid Río while also truly appreciating the city, its local lifestyle and charming streets you wouldn’t get the chance to experience otherwise.

Estación de las Delicias

Travel back in time! You and your kids will get the chance to get inside old trains and wagons from the 19th century.  It’s a wonderful family-friendly way of visiting some of the most historic building from Madrid while still having fun!

The tickets are 6€ for adults, 4€ for kids aged 4-12 and free if they are under 4 years old; a great and affordable activity as a family!

Teatro Real

Immerse your kids into the smart and fun world of theatre! The Royal Theatre of Madrid holds special performances for families and small kids from early June to Mid-July. Circus, musical acts, the artists and performers are definitely something worth watching.

The price can vary depending on the show and date you choose: 7-15€ for kids and 16-24€ for adults.  

Madrid’s Walk of Fame

Around Plaza España you will find these stars on the floor just like the ones in Hollywood! A tribute to Spanish actors, actresses and filmmakers from different decades – kids always have fun checking out each name and jumping from star to star. You can find the walk of fame in 14 Martin de los Heros Street, a fun and completely free activity in Madrid! 

Casa Botín

The oldest restaurant in the world! Founded in 1725, there’s no doubt that it’s part of Madrid’s history. They are famous for its delicious traditionally cooked roast suckling pig and lamb. Although, they make other wonderful Spanish dishes such as croquetas, shrimp scampi and more.

As of today, the medium price per person is around 20-30€.

Travel 4 Baby top tip: make a reservation weeks ahead if you want to enjoy its delicious food as being so famous made it hard to get a table!

Prado Museum: the children side of it

Kids want to learn too! The entire month of July, the Prado Museum holds different workshops, activities and exhibitions designed specifically for small kids and families. Depending on the week of July the activities are meant for kids from 6 to 9 or 10 to 12. They will get to learn about the art in an interactive and fun way, while imagining different worlds, thinking about new ideas and possibilities.

The price is that of the museum entrance ticket, which you can easily book here

Last updated: 24th of May, 2023.