Top 10 things to do in Benidorm

Published June 15 2023

1. Terra Mítica (Mythic Earth)

This wonderful theme park opens the 1st of June and has many different activities for children and families. It has water slides, tall rollercoasters, a beautiful Ferris Wheel and much more. There are also spectacles and shows especially designed for families and kids that will make the experience even better. You can also eat inside the park at one of their nice restaurants.

Kids under 4 years old can enter for free. The general ticket can vary depending on the date and area of the park you want to visit, but it can be in-between 20€ and 55€. Get your tickets online for a cheaper price than at the box office and don’t miss out on this fun and family-friendly opportunity!

2. Casco Antiguo and El Castell (Historic neighbourhood and its Castle)

This neighbourhood is probably the area in Benidorm with many things to see.

  • Beautiful streets with many different stores and shops where to get nice souvenirs, the port that has a promenade that reaches Benidorm’s lighthouse and Elche’s Park. 
  • There is also a castle, that is known as “Balcón del Mediterráneo” or “Mediterranean’s balcony” thanks to its beautiful landscape – completely free to visit, perfect for a family trip on a budget.
  • During the summer time, inside the castle, there are many craftsmen little shops and even live music at night that gives the entire area an incredibly nice atmosphere. 

3. Boat trip to Benidorm’s Island

From 10 am and every hour there’s a boat at Benidorm’s port that takes you to this small and charming island located right in front of the city. The trip takes about 15-20 minutes. It has a very strong environmental importance and that’s made very clear once you step food in it. You can walk around and explore the nature that surrounds it, see the beautiful lighthouse and have a nice family day in an island!

The round trip is 15€ for adults and 12€ for kids, so it’s pretty affordable.

4. Serra Gelada (Frozen Mountain range)

On the outskirts of Benidorm there’s this beautiful natural park, where you get to see the Mediterranean Sea and the city from a totally different perspective. Its name comes from the microclimate that is formed thanks to its altitude and location, making the temperature colder – wonderful during the summer time for a nice cool break from the heat. 

It’s reachable by public transportation and the trip is about 1 hour and 20 minutes.

5. Algar Waterfalls

Only accessible if you have your own or rented car, but definitely worth visiting for the nicest family experience surrounded by nature. They are a continuous number of waterfalls that end in natural fountains or pools, making the most beautiful view and a great excursion to spend some quality time with your loved ones.

Get your tickets online easily and don’t miss out on this fun and family-friendly opportunity!

6. Cala La Almadrava & Cala Mal Pas

  • The first creek is a wonderful spot to watch the sunset and it has that Mediterranean feeling of being isolated from the rest of the city, giving it a nice and tranquil atmosphere – perfect for a relaxed family day.
  • The second creek is located in-between the two big beaches in Benidorm (Platja de Ponent and Platja de Llevant), so it has more of a typical beach feeling but it’s smaller and quieter while still being in the centre of the city – great for a quicker and easier access!

7. Festilandia

A small, wonderful and family friendly amusement park that will feel more like a carnival! It’s thought especially for kids and small children, making sure everyone has fun.

  • Several rides and attractions such as chairs that spin around going up and down, trampolines to jump and see how high you can get and more!
  • There are also nice restaurants with terraces to take a break with some cold beverages and tasty food.
  • It opens in the afternoon from Monday to Thursday, from 17:30 to 22:30 and earlier on the weekends, from 12:30 am.

Get your tickets online for an easier booking process and don’t miss out on this fun and family-friendly opportunity!

8. Circus

One of the best family experiences when visiting Benidorm. Incredible theatrical performances, typical circus shows and overall, a spectacle that the kids and yourself will adore! It’s located inside the city so it’s easy to access, even by walking. 

The show is about 2 hours and it’s usually in the afternoon (6-7 pm). The price is 15€ for adults and 8€ for children. It’s great for a fun family experience on a budget.

9. Street Markets

There are several street markets all around the city of Benidorm, giving your family the chance to wonder around exploring Benidorm while getting some amazing souvenirs.

  • Rincón de Loix is one of the most famous ones, right beside Hotel Pueblo and it opens Wednesdays and Sundays from 8 am to 2 pm.
  • Mercadillo del Cisne (Swan’s Market) is located 4km away from the centre. It has many second-hand items and antiques, it opens Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays from 8:30 am to 1:30 pm. 

10. Aqualandia Park Benidorm

In the outskirts of Benidorm, near Racó de L’oix you can find this amazing Water Park, a wonderful way to spend a family day out with the children. Lots of attractions and rides for kids of all ages and heights. 

  • waves’ pool that will feel as if you were in the beach. The Laguna, a low-deep water area with baby friendly slides and waterfalls. The Amazonas, a river that you can swim and sail through with a float.
  • The Vertigo freefall for the bigger kids and adults who are looking for more adrenaline fun. These and more, all in this amazing water park!

Get your tickets online for an easier booking process and don’t miss out on this fun and family-friendly opportunity!

Last updated: 15th of June, 2023.