Fun places to visit in the city of Palma de Mallorca

Published May 16 2023

Here you will find some activities to help you keep your little ones entertained for a few hours with all the beautiful spots and landmarks within the city of Palma de Mallorca!

Catedral de Santa María (Saint Maria’s Cathedral)

Enjoy a nice stroll alongside Palma de Mallorca’s promenade while enjoying the beautiful view of Saint Maria’s Cathedral, probably the most representative building of the island’s capital.

Palacio Real de la Almudaina (Almudaina’s Royal Palace)

Right next to the Cathedral, there’s this architectural beauty and part of the Royal family’s residencies. It looks as though they were the same building, creating a nice synergy and incredible landscape.

S’Hort del Rei

The name itself means “King’s grove” as it’s part of the Almudaina’s Royal Palace, located right at its feet. It’s an important part of Palma’s history and a wonderful place to visit as a family, enjoying the beautiful gardens and its green scenery.

Centro Histórico & Baños árabes

Spend some time wondering around Palma’s historic neighbourhood! In Spain, thanks to its long history, there’s always this part of the city where you can feel its past and appreciate the decades that have gone by through its streets. Don’t miss out on visiting the Arabic bathrooms, part of the Islamic history of Spain and Mallorca.

Source: Palma de Mallorca

Plaza Mayor 

The nicest spot to relax for a bit with your kids! It’s the main plaza in the city and a wonderful place to just relax at a terrace with some tapas and a nice cold beverage while you take in the local lifestyle.

Source: SeeMallorca

Barrio Judio 

The Jewish neighbourhood, truly a wonder to see! One of the main areas of the city that creates a very beautiful contrast from the other neighbourhoods, with charming streets and typical plazas.

Source: Palma de Mallorca

Paseo del Borne

In the centre of Palma de Mallorca there’s this beautiful avenue, a great way to explore the city and its welcoming atmosphere. There are lots of shops, bars and restaurants with terraces as well to catch a breath and relax with a nice cold beverage.

Parc de la Mar 

Park of the Sea! It gets its name from the salt-water lake that is inside the park, located right next to Palma’s Cathedral. An emblematic place of the city and a great family-friendly spot to relax for a bit and enjoy the nice summer breeze.

Sa Llotja de Palma de Mallorca

Following the way through Parc de la Mar you will stumble upon this impressive Gothic monument. Another iconic landmark of the city, located in the same area as its Sanctuary and Cathedral.

Plaza de la Drassana

Another of Palma’s charming plazas! This one is home for tall trees and palm trees, creating a cool shade that feels very nice during the summer - a great family-friendly spot to relax for a while with your kids.

Source: ABC Mallorca

Barrio de Santa Catalina 

The trendy neighbourhood in Palma de Mallorca! It’s said that everything in the city happens here: traditional and delicious restaurants, local holidays, Palma’s local market and more.

Source: Palma de Mallorca

Plaza de Cort 

The square for the city hall, the heart of Palma in a way! It’s definitely another spot worth visiting and a wonderful side for a family-friendly stroll to finish in a nice terrace with some tapas and cold beverage.

Paseo Marítimo

The location of Palma and Mallorca being an island makes room for the most beautiful promenades! Which is why we recommend you to see the city while enjoying a nice stroll through its famous promenade.

Source: ABC Mallorca

Castillo de Bellver

The castle that looks over the city! Located in the outskirts of Palma, this monument has a very unique design and it’s one of the most iconic landmarks of the city. Thanks to its high location, you get the nicest view of the city!

Source: Sitios de España

Last updated: 16th of May, 2023.