From the airport to Granada in no time!

Published April 24 2023

Granada is a well-connected city when it comes to public transportation, so going from the airport to the city is easier than you might expect.


Bus: the cheapest option and the only public transportation available to and from the airport, but it’s a comfortable and easy one! The bus company is called Alsa and it takes you to the centre of Granada in 45 minutes for only 3€. The bus stop is right outside the Arrivals exit. You can buy the ticket from the bus driver once you get on the bus; remember it can only be paid by cash. The buses are operative from 6 am to 11:30 pm and to go back to the airport from 5 am to 9:45 pm. These are the stops within the city of Granada so you can check which one is closer to your accommodation: Santa Fe, Avenida Andalucía, Plaza de Europa, Estación de Autobuses, Avenida Pintor Francisco Padilla, Avenida Constitución – Hotel Abba, Avenida Constitución – Hotel Condor, Gran Vía de Colón – Catedral, Puerta Real, Palacio de Congresos (Plaza Rotary).


Taxi: A more expensive option, but more comfortable and better if your accommodation is far away from any of the public transportation stops in the centre. The price for a taxi depends on where your destination is, but it is usually around 30€ and 35€ if it’s the night time.


Rental cars: If you want the freedom of moving in and out of the city, renting a car is the best option. Although, if you are planning on staying only in Granada, we recommend you one of the other two options to get to the city.

There are many car rentals in the airport, but the most common ones and with great reviews are OK Mobility or Europcar. They have a wide selection of vehicles, so you can find a big and comfortable one for your family. The price may vary depending on the vehicle, brand and dates of your trip. Remember that you have to return the car to the same place you got it from.

Last updated: 21st of April, 2023.