Complete Feeding Package

Here we have built the ultimate feeding package your little one, we have selected the most popular and highly rated items in Tenerife and put them all together for you. This will give you everything you need for when you arrive so need to go straight out shopping to get your little one fed.

you will receive the following items for your week rental:

- Tommee Tippee Sterilizer

- Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep

- 1 x Almiron Formula (800g)

Almiron Advance 1 - From Birth

Almiron Advance 2 - From 6 Months

Almiron Advance 3 - From 12 Months

- 6 x 1.5l Beyzos Water Pack

Renting for longer?

Every additional week you have selected to rent you will receive an additional

- 1 x Almiron Formula (800g)

- 6 x 1.5l Beyzos Water Pack


How it works

Our 5 step process takes the stress out of travelling with young ones

Step 1

You choose

Step 2

We confirm

Step 3

We deliver

Step 4

You enjoy

Step 5

We collect