Hero Solo

Hero Solo is a great option with parents when wanting prepared food jars and pouches, we choose Hero Solo due to it being a completely organic infant food range.

In this range we are able to offer you food jars, pouches and snacks.

Solo Jars

- 4+ Months

  • Banana (120g)
  • Pear and Apple (120g)
  • Apple, Melon and Banana (120g)

- 6+ Months

  • Apple, Banana and Yoghurt (190g)
  • Beef and the Garden (190g)
  • Vegetables with Chicken and Rice (190g)

- 8+ Months

  • Potatoes with carrots and salmon (190g)

Solo Pouches

- 4+ Months

  • Banana, Pear and Orange (100g)
  • Apple, Banana and Carrot (100g)

Solo Snacks

- 10+ Months

  • Carrot and Corn (40g)
  • Peas and Corn (50g)

For all health and nutritional information, please visit their website https://www.hero.es/ 


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