How to move around Sevilla easily

Published April 19 2023

Sevilla is a city meant to be admired by foot and its sightseeing are quite closer to each other, making it easy to walk from one to another. Regardless, you may want to use its public transportation on a couple of occasions. That’s why we explain all you need to know to move around the city easily.


The different types of cards for you

The card works the same as other European ones, such as the London card. You can charge it as many times as you want with the exact amount of money you need.

  • Bus: a single individual ticket is 1.40€. If you pay with the reusable public transportation card the price is relatively cheaper: 0.69€ - 0.76€. There is also the option to get a 1-day tourist ticket for 5€, 3 days for 10€ and even 30 days for 35.30€ if you are staying for an entire month.
  • Metro: it opens at 6:30 on weekdays until 11pm and 7:30 on the weekends until 2 am (only on Fridays and Saturdays). The price of the metro depends on the number of “saltos” or “jumps” which is what is called when you get from one area to the next one. Regardless, Sevilla is quite a small city so the number of “jumps” you can make is only 2. The individual single ticket will be 1.35€, 1.60€ with 1 “jump” and 1.80€ with 2 “jumps”. If you get the bonometro or metro card, the prices are considerably cheaper: 0.82€, 1.17€ and 1.37€ consecutively. If you get a 1 day metro ticket it will be 4.50€ and you can use it as many times as you want.


Important things you should know

  • You have 1 hour once you use your ticket or card to make any transhipment within different buses. It usually takes way less time to make any type of transhipment, but it’s always good to have it in mind!
  • Kids under 4 years old don’t have to pay to use the public transportation.
  • As we explained, be aware that the price for the metro rides depend on the number of stops you take and the areas you move within (further from the centre it will be more expensive).
  • There are apps and websites that can guide you through all public transportation options, times and schedules! Our personal favourite is citymapper. You can select the transport you want or your destination and easily check how to get there through its interactive map.
  • If you forgot to buy your ticket or you prefer not to get one, you can still take the bus and pay to the driver in cash (they do not accept credit cards).

Last updated: 18th of April, 2023.