Loro Parque

Loro Parque - Animal Embassy

Loro Parque has been voted the number one animal park in Europe time and time again and it’s easy to see why.

The world-famous park is situated on the Northern coast of Tenerife in Puerto De La Cruz, offering a green, lush paradise for a diverse group of animals, plants and wildlife.

Be prepared for family fun and excitement in this amazing tropical wonderland!


Perfect for all generations

One of the best things about the park is that it is loved by all ages from babies right up to grandparents, creating family memories to last a lifetime.

 The park has…

  • Wide pathways suitable for both push chairs and wheelchairs
  • Plenty of baby changing facilities and toilets
  • You can take your own food and drink into Loro Parque. You will find shaded picnic areas throughout.
  • There are specific areas outside the shows to park your push chairs
  • Free Wi-Fi throughout the park
  • Plenty of benches and seating areas around to take the weight off your feet and relax for a while


Family favorites

Kinder Land is a treetop adventure Land with suspended bridges, tunnels and slides meaning excited kids can run wild. The area is also nicely shaded with a coffee shop located next door keeping mums and dads happy.

For an extra treat in this area, why not hop on the ‘Orca Tren’, The Canary Island’s first and only roller-coaster. (€2 charge)

The Katandra Treetops invites you to explore a trail high above the park where an abundance of different species of birds fly free. Come up close and personal with stunning, colourful birds in one of the most amazing free flight aviaries in the world.

Planet Penguin is often voted as the top attraction in the park. With real snow, huge icebergs and a polar climate, you feel like you have stepped straight into the movie ‘Happy Feet’. You move along a revolving floor whilst watching the penguins slipping, sliding and swimming around.

See Simba and crew in the new Lion Kingdom, watch the Giant Gorillas playing in the sun and take a walk through the huge Aquarium leading to the amazing Aqua Viva Experience.

The Aqua Viva Experience is incredible, especially for babies and young children when it comes to stimulating their senses. The jellyfish look almost supernatural with bright colours and elegant movements.


Plan Your Day Well

When you arrive at the park, plan what shows you will watch and when. Get there in good time to ensure you don’t miss out. Or why not upgrade your experience with a Premium Ticket including reserved seating at the shows, a backstage tour of the park and a lunch voucher included in the price.


The shows (several shows per day)

  • The Dolphin Show – spectacular and heart warming
  • The Sea-lion Show - funny and outrageous
  • The Orca Ocean - take a change of clothes or waterproof Mac if you dare to sit in the wet seats!
  • Parrot Show - hold onto your hats with parrots flying right over your head!


How to get there

  • Car hire is a good option for families as it’s often the quickest way to get there. Parking at the park costs 5 euros
  • Book a bus transfer. This is often the cheapest option
  • Staying in Puerto De La Cruz, there is a free yellow train several times a day


Travel 4 Baby’s top tips

  • Prepare well - with the park been situated in the North of the Island, the weather could be very different to the South so take suncream, layered clothes, snacks and drinks for the journey and comfortable shoes for walking around.
  • Take a push chair for young children as the park is big so lots of walking involved
  • If you are thinking of also visiting Siam Park, book your ticket at the same time in order to save €10 per person off the price. This ticket option is called a Twin Ticket

Entry Only

From €42.00
  • Adult Ticket

    Age 12+


  • Child Ticket

    Ages 6 to 11


  • Infant

    Ages 0 to 5


Entry Ticket with Transport

From €55.00
  • Adult with Transport

    Ages 12+


  • Child with Transport

    Ages 3 to 11


  • Toddler with Transport

    Ages 2 to 5


  • Infant with Transport

    Ages 0 to 1



From €20.00

Have a Resident Card? get your discounted ticket here.

  • Adult

    Age 12+


  • Child

    Ages 6-11


  • Infant

    Ages 0-5