Fuente de los Baños thermal springs Excursion

A natural paradise! These are natural thermal baths in the middle of the mountain, creating a paradisiac spot right within the trees.

What can you expect?

A full-day excursion to one of the most beautiful and natural sight of the area. There are legends about these baths and Montanejos mountain and it said the water has healing and repairing properties. We believe it’s a magical and wonderful spot to visit as a family for some refreshing and relaxing time away from the heat and inside this natural pool right in-between two cliffs!

There are also several routes you can do to explore the mountain and forest for some beautiful landscapes. You can also find the Fuente de los Baños or Baths Fountain, which gives name to the natural pool/baths and the legend behind them.

How to get there

The meeting point is “C. de Guillem de Castro, 53”, located in a 10-minute walk from the centre.

Travel 4 Baby’s top tips

  • Book online to secure your place, as during busy periods it may not be available on the day.
  • Book with us to pay through a reliable and trusted company.
  • Remember to wear comfortable shoes as it’s a walking tour.

Fuente de los Baños thermal springs Tickets

From €79.00
  • Adult Ticket

    16+ Years


  • Child Ticket

    3 - 15 Years


  • Infant Ticket

    0 - 2 Years