Electric Karting Salou

Speed, adrenaline and laughter! If you are up for a friendly race with your loved ones, this activity is for you.

If your kids are at least 6 years old, they can experience this fun and exciting circuit – with environmentally-friendly karts!

What can you expect?

It’s the first electric karting circuit in Spain and it has around 800 metres of outdoor space. Time yourself and challenge your loved ones to a race, see who gets to the final line first! You can also drive with your kid thanks to its double-seat kart.

How to get there

If you are staying in the city of Tarragona, there’s the BUSPLANA bus that will leave you 25-30 minutes away from the karting circuit.

As the public transportation option is not as accurate, we recommend you to use a car rental or taxi to get to the circuit.

Travel 4 Baby’s top tips

  • Wear casual footwear or sneakers, no flip flops allowed. We recommend to wear comfortable clothes as well.
  • Book online to secure your place, as during busy periods it may not be available on the day.
  • Book with us to pay through a reliable and trusted company.

Karting Sessions

From €16.00

8 Minute Sessions

  • Adult Kart Session

    16+ Years


  • Youth Kart Session

    10 - 15 Years


  • Child Kart Session

    7 - 9 Years


  • Double Kart Session

    6+ Years