From the airport to Marbella easily

Published June 21 2023

Even though Marbella doesn’t have an airport, it is close to the one located in Málaga. Here is a guide of how to get easily from the airport to Marbella, the centre of Costa del Sol. 

Bus: The cheaper option and quite reliable, only a 40minute ride from the airport to Marbella. The different lines you can take are Avanza L-605, L-613 and L-616. The ticket costs around 4-8€. If your acommodation is in Estepona instead

Taxi: A more expensive option, but more comfortable and better if your accommodation is far away from any of the public transportation stops or in a town more difficult to reach by bus. The price for a taxi depends on where your destination is, but it is usually around 65 to 80€ to get to Marbella. 

Rental cars: If you want the freedom of moving in and out of the Marbella and explore the entirety of Costa del Sol, renting a car is the best option. There are many car rentals in the airport, but the most common ones and with great reviews are OK Mobility or Europcar. They have a wide selection of vehicles, so you can find a big and comfortable one for your family. The price may vary depending on the vehicle, brand and dates of your trip. Remember that you have to return the car to the same place you got it from or to another point agreed with the company, but this may have an extra fee.

Estepona: If your accommodation is in Estepona, there are several buses depending if you take the direct one – about 50 minutes - which is a bit more pricey (35€) or there are others that may take longer – about 2 hours – which costs 9,45€ per ticket.

Fuengirola: if your accommodation is in Fuengirola, taking the train might be your best and also the cheapest option. It takes about 35 minutes to head to the centre of the city and it costs about 2-3€ per ticket. The bus takes a bit longer, about an hour, and the ticket can vary from 1€ to 5€.