Play parks in Tarragona

Published April 27 2023

As a family, it's always good to have the city's play parks located so we selected the best ones for your family trip!

We have made it easy to locate all these parks at a click of a button, just click on the parks name and you will get a link to its location.

Fluvial Park

irates are the theme for this park, meant to entertain the little ones! A great spot within the city of Tarragona to let your kids run around, playing inside of the boat and going down its slides. Very close to the centre to head to any part of the city you want to see next.

Parc de l'Arrabassada

A play park with different areas where the kids can play and even a field to play football! The best thing about this park is that it’s located right next to the beach, we love to come the park after a nice morning enjoying the Mediterranean weather under the Sun and getting a refreshing swim in the ocean.

Source: Diari de Tarragona

Parc de “Les Tres Granotes”

A great place to relax and have a nice walk with your family while admiring the incredible view thanks to its high location – with nice play areas for the little ones so they don’t get bored!

Source: Autobuses de Tarragona

Parque de Saavedra

A little break from the city life, this park is a nice and rather small spot with a playground area for kids so you can let them play around and have some fun while you take a little break from visiting Tarragona.

Source: Diari de Tarragona

Parc de la Ciutat (City Park)

In this park you will find part of the city’s charm, close to some of the most important and historic areas of Tarragona. It’s frequently visited by the locals to enjoy a nice walk or relax for a bit on one of its benches, great for a family-friendly time after or before heading to the beach.

Last updated: 27th of April, 2023.