What to do in Costa Brava in case of an emergency

Published March 08 2023

Some towns within Costa Brava are bigger than others and will have more options when it comes to medical emergencies, have that in mind!

In case your child gets sick

  • If you have a European Health Card, you can access public hospitals and get medical attention for free. If you don’t, there are some private options and the cost for a doctor visit can go from 20€ to 50€ depending on the clinic. If you want the doctor to go to your accommodation, the option is possible but the price is higher.
  • If it is something minor, you can head to the nearest pharmacy. They will most likely speak English. Be careful and don’t go to a “Parafarmacia” as this is an herbal pharmacy, what you are looking for is a “Farmacia”.
  • If you don’t have any transport to head to the hospital, you can call an ambulance (the number is 112). They have English translators available.

In the south area, Blanes, Calella, Ametlla de Mar and so on, there might be more options when it comes to hospitals and pharmacies than on the north.


For private hospitals, on the south area you have Hospital Privat de Sant Jaume in Blanes or Corporarció de Salut del Maresme i la Selva in Calella. On the north area you have Mèdics Palamós in Palamós, a very small clinic but might be useful for certain emergencies.

For public hospitals, any option is good, you have Hospital de Figueres, CAP de Palafrugell, CAP or Hospital de Palamós, Hospital Comarcal Sant Jaume de Calella, CAP Blanes 2.

Travel 4 baby tip: depending on the area you are at, it can take some time to drive to the nearest hospital in case of an emergency. We recommend you call an ambulance using the number 112 to get there faster, as they are already familiar with the roads.


Things you should know:

  • Make sure to keep the receipts for any medical cost you incur including prescriptions, taxis and medical bills. You may be able to claim everything back through your travel insurance.
  • If you go to a hospital, take with you your passport, insurance details and credit cards.
  • Consulates are always available over the phone for any additional advice you may need.


What do I do if my kid has a tooth-related emergency?

There are some private dentist clinics distributed around Costa Brava. Vitaldent, Clínica dental Gómez Navarro, Cmp Clínica Dental or Clínica Dentalcare are some of the dentists around the area. The first consultation is usually free of charge. Some public hospitals also cover teeth-related emergencies, but not all. In case of a toothache, private clinics are the safest choice.


Police reports in Costa Brava

In case you have something stolen or you need to report any type of crime, you can do so over the phone in English. Have your passport prepared as they may ask for it, they will also need a reference number from you. You have 72 hours to go to any police station and report the robbery (or any other crime).


Important Emergency numbers

  • 112 is the Spanish emergency number for any type of emergency, police and ambulance service as well.
  • 972 33 11 55 is the number for Hospital Privat de Sant Jaume.
  • 972 35 96 71 is the number for Corporació de Salut del Maresme i la Selva.
  • 972 60 01 62 is the number for Mèdics Palamós.

Last updated: 31st of March, 2023.