Play parks in Barcelona

Published May 05 2023

As a family, it's always good to have the city's play parks located so we selected the best ones for your family trip!

We have made it easy to locate all these parks at a click of a button, just click on the parks name and you will get a link to its location.

Parc del Laberint d’Horta (Horta's Maze Park)

Laberint means maze in Catalan! It is a great family experience; you can go in pairs with your kids and see who comes out of the maze sooner (it is already designed for children). The park itself is free, but to enter the maze there’s a cost of just 2.23€ per person or 1.42€ for the kids – a low-cost and fun family experience.

Parc infantil in Jardins de Joan Brossa

A kids’ playground in a tranquil tree rounded area. It’s always good to find this type of spots in the middle of a big city such as Barcelona, that way you can relax with your children and take a break from the more hectic streets.

Source: Ajuntament de Barcelona.

Parc de la Creueta del Coll (Coll's Cross Park)

A summer wonder! Completely free, this park is more similar to a swimming pool. It has a beautiful artificial lake and an area where you can put your towel and sunbathe while your kids play around in the water.

Parc infantil Joan Miró

Right beside Plaça Espanya and the beautiful Arenas mall there is this great spot to let the kids play for a bit after a morning of sightseeing. A playground area within a big park surrounded by trees providing a nice cool shade during the summer. 

Source: Ajuntament de Barcelona.

Parc infantil de les Cotxeres

Within this residential area there are several play parks for the kids. Small children tend to love this one in particular thanks to its sphere platform, where they can climb, go from one side to another and try to reach the top without falling.

Source: nicelocal.

Last updated: 27th of April, 2023.