From the airport to Barcelona in no time

Published February 28 2023

Barcelona is a well-connected city when it comes to public transportation, so going from the airport to the city is easier than you might expect. You actually have different options depending on where you’re staying and personal preferences.

But before we get started on how to get to the city, it might be useful for you to know the bus (free of charge) to move from one terminal to the other as they are quite far away. The buses are the T1 or T2, the name itself explains where they head to! Very comfortable to take and there’s one bus every 5 to 10 minutes.


Train: R2, Barcelona – Estació de França. That’s the train you will want to take to head to the city, located at terminal 2. There are three stops within Barcelona: Estació – Sants, Passeig de Gràcia and Estació de França. Check which one is closer to your accommodation and make your exit!

It depends on your stop, but to get to Barcelona the train takes about 10-15min. Right before getting to the platform there are several ticket machines. There are several options, the simple ticket or billet senzill (2.40€) will be a one-use only for one person. Another option is the “T-casual” which holds 10 individual trips (11.40€), not sharable either. Both options can be used for the metro, buses and the train within the city.


Bus: You can take the bus with the same card or ticket as the train (T-casual or billet senzill). The one you need is the 46 (leaves you at Plaça Espanya), located at terminal 1.

You also have the A1 or A2 (depending on the terminal you are at) that take you to Plaça Espanya as well, but with less stops so you can get on with your trip faster. It also stops at Gran Via, Plaça Universitat and Plaça Catalunya. These last two buses cost 6.75€ per person, or you can pay 11.65€ and use the bus to get back to the airport as well (there is a 90 days’ time period in which you can use the ticket again to head back to the airport).

Metro: L9, Zona Universitària. That’s the direction you will want to take to head to the city. Take into consideration that this ticket has an extra charge and is only usable for the airport metro line, the L9. The card is called Bitllet aeroport which translates to Airport Ticket and costs 5.15€ per person. This option is more comfortable but a bit more expensive as well. The metro reaches both Terminals.


Taxi: There are taxis all around the airport, the majority located where you would take the bus (don’t worry, the indications are very clear within the airport building and will guide you easily). The prices can go from 20€ to 40€ depending on the area you are heading to.


Rental cars: If you want the freedom of moving in and out of the city, renting a car is the best option. There are many car rentals in the airport, but the most common ones with great reviews are Centauro or Europcar. They have a wide selection of vehicles, so you can find a big and comfortable one for your family. The price may vary depending on the vehicle, brand and dates of your trip. Remember that if you don't return the car to the same place you got it from there may be an extra charge. 


Last updated: 31st of March, 2023.