Top 5 things to do in Alicante

Published July 28 2023

1. Hot Air Balloon Ride

An adventure you will never forget! Fly through the sky with your family and kids, explore the city of Alicante from the clouds and get to see a view and landscape that otherwise would be impossible – a memory you will not forget! Get your tickets online for an easier process and to make sure you buy them through a reputable company.

2. Aquopolis

Endless fun for the whole family at this exciting water park in Torrevieja, part of Alicante’s region. Especially built for families, Aquopolis has great facilities and fun areas available for kids of all ages and heights.

For the babies and small children, there is the Mini Park. An area inside the kid’s pool with a depth of 60 centimetres and the presence of qualified lifeguards. This way kids can safely play inside the refreshing and colourful water castle, water guns and baby slides! Blue Lagoon and Charmed Lake as well, for them to have the chance to experience a water slide, some refreshing waterfalls and other fun games and activities.

There are of course more exciting rides for the kids aged 3-7, older and for the parents as well. The Jacuzzi to relax and have fun all at the same time. Waves Beach, a waves’ pool that kids always love. There’s Kamikaze, a tall and fast water slide, Boomerang that’s a half circle where you will swing around on top of a float. Speed to go down some fast water slides and compete with your friends and family. These and more, all in Aquapolis!

3. Trip to Guadalest

Within the province of Alicante, you can find this village – a true family adventure! This small town is known for being surrounded by three different mountain ranges: Sierra Aixorta, Sierra Aitana and Sierra Serrella. This creates quite a unique and magical landscape, isolating the village and creating a nice, isolated feeling. We recommend you book a half-day tour to visit Guadalest and experience first-hand its true natural beauty.

4. Trip to Valencia

The big city of Comunitat Valenciana and a clearly representing the special atmosphere of the Mediterranean. Take a day out of your visit to experience the beautiful Valencia, you can even book a tour, so you don’t miss out on anything. Enjoy a nice stroll through Mercado de Colón, Carmen’s neighbourhood, check the famous building of the City of Arts and Science, sunbathe in the beach of Las Arenas, and much more!

5. El Mundo de los niños

The most fun time for the little ones! There are numerous attractions to choose from so you and the kids never get tired: trampolines, mini golf, water rides, ballpark with lots of slides and climbing ropes and kid-friendly rollercoasters. A great place to spend the day out in Alicante as a family.

Last updated: 28th of July, 2023.